A Pony Drama on Chincoteague Island

Apparently every girl knows about the wild pony’s of Chincoteague Island. Personally, I’m not bitter that I was left out. I’m just glad I was allowed to visit eventually. During our Earth Day camping trip, we spent a long relaxed morning sitting in lawn chairs, drinking tea and watching a pony drama unfold. The story starts like so many….

Mares grazing and relaxing.

with a group of mares grazing and relaxing.

Morning Nap

There is nothing like a nice nap in the cool grass with the warm morning sun shining on you.

Then, with a whinny, in pranced the stallion…

The Stallion
The stallion gallops across the marsh towards the mares. Will he fulfill all their pony fantasies or ruin their day?

Of course, all good thing must end and the peace and tranquility the mares had been enjoying was now ruined by the presences of a man (something I’m told happens to women a lot)…

My Woman!

Graze... Your not doing it right! Do it better!

In the end Adrian and I were happy, and isn’t that what really matters?

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